Sewer Line Backups

Common Causes of a Sewer Line Backup:

What to do when you have a backup:

  1. Don’t run any water down any drain in your home until the stoppage is cleared.
  2. Call Niwot Sanitation to report the issue. We will recommend action and check the main line.
  3. Most likely, you will need to call a plumber to assist with clearing the stoppage and assess the cause.
  4. Contact your homeowner’s insurance company to determine if you are covered (some homeowner's policies do cover sewer backups).

How can you prevent a sewer backup?

  1. A plumber can assess your risk for a backup.
  2. You can use grease-fighting liquid dish detergent such as Dawn® to break up grease blockages.
  3. Never flush or wash these things down the drain:
    • Diapers/Hygiene Products
    • Fat, Oil & Grease
    • Facial Tissue/Paper Towels
    • Wet Wipes
    • Food Solids
    When in doubt as to what may or may not be flushed think of the three P’s: Poop, Pee and (toilet) Paper.